September 5, Chat with Dr Caron Goode, PhD Transpersonal Psych, Author, Parenting Expert

September 5, Chat with Dr Caron Goode, PhD Transpersonal Psych, Author, Parenting Expert


Awake: Now What? EXTREME MAKEOVERS For The Spiritually Awakening! With Rev. Rhonda Smith TIME: 6:00P.M.- 8:00P.M. Eastern LOCATION: DATE: September 5, 2010


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Dr. Caron Goode is gifted with compassion in assisting others to effect lasting transformation through spiritual coaching, books, classes and seminars. Caron’s continuous education, experience in psychology and professional writing makes her a great resource for parents wishing to create and maintain a nurturing relationship their children. The common thread of these disciplines is energy of the mind-body-spirit connection and how to access it, bring it into focus and then put it into successful action.

Caron has shaped all of her professional endeavors into an educational program for training and certifying parents and professionals in supporting families through parent coaching or to receive a first-class, leading-edge parent education. She has positioned the Academy for Coaching Parents International ( at the forefront of the parent coaching movement to disseminate the coaching model of empowerment for parents.

She’s quoted often as a parenting expert and her articles have appeared in over 300 publications globally; including Colorado Parent, Convergence, The Joyful Child, Energy, Black Family Digest and Better Homes and Gardens. Caron is a frequent radio show guest speaking on topics like “Parenting outside the Box.”

In addition to directing the Academy of Coaching International (ACPI), Caron also manages, which provides strategies for parenting the whole child. This holistic approach supports children’s physical health, emotional fluency, mental development, and spiritual enrichment. She also founded Intuitive Parenting & Intuitive Children web site, which offers specialized training for parents and parent coaches. (

Dr. Goode graduated with a Doctoral Degree from George Washington University in 1983 and is a licensed psychotherapist. She completed post-doctoral certifications in Wellness and Women’s Spirituality at the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology. In addition, she holds the titles of National Certified Counselor and Diplomat of the American Psychotherapy Association.

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September 12, Chat with Daniel Jacob, Bio-Energetic Bodyworker, Conscious Channel, Visionary Writer, Teacher

Daniel Jacob is a Bio-Energetic Bodyworker, a Conscious Channel, a Visionary Writer, and Teacher of New Paradigm Metaphysics. He’s been on a Spirit Path since the 1960s, a journey that has led him through Catholicism, Protestant Fundamentalism, 12-Step Groups, various studies of Philosophy, Psychology, and many facets of Alternative Health Care. In 1986, Daniel began serious studies in Metaphysics and Channeling, which led to his intersection with The Reconnections in 1991.

In 1984, Daniel became a Licensed Massage Practitioner, and has worked in Physical Rehab and Personal Transition Consultation for 24 years, finding the work to be grounding and nurturing for his writings and work as a Spiritual Channel.

He is the father of two sons: Jeffrey, 36, and Joe, 32. All live in the Greater Seattle Area. Daniel and friends love to travel–and have been to many places in the world—either touring or presenting workshops and classes. Being half-Irish and half-English, it’s easy to see why the British Isles are among his favorite hangouts.

Daniel has personally published a gift-sized summation of New Paradigm Concepts, called “Reconnections: The Return to Oneness.” Also, in 2003, he produced a 2-pt CD of Spoken Word and Music, “The Star Children,” with musician, composer, and sound specialist Jim Jackson. Daniel is a regular contributor to and Children of the New Earth Magazine, as well as occasional contributions to Sedona Journal of Emergence and Paradigm Shift Magazine in the U.K.

Since 1994, Daniel has been doing online research around planetary changes, physical transmutation, energy activations coming onto the Earth. He has developed a Worldwide Network of fellow Researchers and Grid Workers—who swap info regularly via his web sites, a sizable mailing list, and two Yahoo Discussion Groups, to which he regularly contributes.

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