The Only E-book on Establishing a Parenting Coaching Business

The Art & Science of Coaching Parents:  Building a Home-Based Parent Coaching Business

The Arts and Science of Coaching Parents

Download Chapters 3 and 4 of Art and Science of Coaching Parents

A New York Times article called the profession of parent coaching “the newest self-help approach for over stretched parents” which is catching fast for several reasons: the cost is reasonable; it can be done over the telephone and parents’ movement away from counselors and doctors.”  Indeed, the Today Show featured Parent Coaching on their news show.

Until now, there has been no book available for those caring persons who want to help parents and their children by specializing in the field of parent coaching in addition to establishing a lucrative home-based business.

At 200 pages, the book is organized into three parts with a total of twenty chapters. It is backed by the latest professional and educational research into coaching techniques, packed with quotes from the country’s leading parent coaches, supported with case studies, and supplemented with business and information forms, sidebars, and sample press releases and brochures. There is a summary at the end of each chapter for quick review and study. The Art & Science of Parent Coaching is a starter kit for those who want to break into the field of professional parent coaching, and those who are already coaches but would like this specialty niche. Purchase the book.

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Seven Reasons Parent Coaching is Popular Today
1.   It is convenient for parents who are short on time. Many clients have more money than time to spend.  They like the convenience of meeting over the phone. Parents who work with a coach are usually intelligent and make a fairly high income. Stephen Fairley and Chris Stout wrote in their book, Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching, that the average person who uses a personal coach is in the upper two-thirds of earning power, with an annual income of more than $80,000 a year.

2.   There is no stigma or embarrassment attached to phoning a coach, as opposed to going in for psychotherapy.  If anything, it can be prestigious and stylish to have your own coach!

3.   The service is personal and individualized.  When parents try to use parent classes or books about parenting to solve problems, they have to wade through a ton of material that has nothing to do with their situation. Research indicates that parents are more likely to try new strategies when they have support, encouragement and feedback.

4.   The service is private and discreet.  Your coach can live in another part of the country and you may never meet in public.  Many parents like that convenience about coaching.

5.   You can work through only one problem or focus on being a more effective parent over time.  Parents have a specific question for a coach, such as, “How do I stop my child from tantrums?” When the tantrums end, the parent can end his coaching sessions whenever he wants. It is a paid service, not a medical problem.

6.   Parent coaching is a good profession for people who have children because they can work out of their own homes and make their own hours.

7.   It is an upbeat and positive experience for clients.  Most people enjoy working with a coach and make quicker progress on their goals when they do.

The famous psychologist Carl Rogers once said that using a therapist was a little like buying a friend.  Perhaps in this fast-paced world, people need friends more than ever. There is nothing like working through your problems and getting regular encouragement from a person who has a lot of common sense, empathy, compassion and knowledge.  That is who your personal coach can be!


  1. I’m interested in the idea of emotional awareness for preschoolers. I am a single parent and an ECE assistant in 2 preschools where i do music and movement and basic play acting/role play (little red riding hood and instinct/feelings) to incorporate emotional awareness songs and where the children and I identify and discuss feelings. I am interested in the business aspect of coaching parents and children. And am open to more education on this subject. How can this generate an income for me? Gina Land Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada.

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