About ACPI

To prepare students to be an ACPI Certified Parent Coach, ACPI developed a unique and engaging curriculum based on the HeartWise™ Parenting-Coaching Model, which provides prospective coaches with a holistic approach to helping parents identify problems, set priorities, and make good choices for themselves and their children. The coaching training emphasizes personal styles, strengths, skill and service.

The Academy for Coaching Parents International provides a distance-learning program with course materials for five subject areas that will prepare students to operate their own Parent Coaching business. Reading, teleclass participation, writing responses to questions and writing reflective papers, as well as discussions with their personal mentor are integral to the course of study and students are expected to participate fully in deeply exploring the concepts and practical strategies presented. Students also receive extensive feedback on course assignments from the course instructors. In addition, ACPI encourages students to participate in one or more of the available weekend training workshops.

Our academy is comprised of heart-centered, highly skilled industry leaders… people who deeply value and place a high priority on relationships… and are committed to offering individualized, personal training to each student. As an organization, we are committed to offering you the cutting edge research, challenging ideas, and as much personal contact with me and our course instructors as you need. You will find that after completion of the ACPI’s Parent Coach Certification Training Program you are truly more of who you really are, and that you and those around you will benefit from it! –Dr. Caron Goode, Director Academy for Coaching Parents International


  1. Your cause seems quite noble. Funny, I can’t even build a relationship with the PTA at school, don’t know what I’ll do when my kids outgrow me, which somedays I’m reminded is happening. A few “Oh, Mom! (heavy sigh, and eyes rolling). Wish you guys would have been around when I was struggling with my oldest as a single parent. Sounds like a great cause.

  2. Our cause is noble, indeed, Lisa. Like you I look back and see how I could have have been a better stepmom.When my mother died and said, “Don’t leave this life with any regrets” I took it to heart. The academy was born because I would like all of us to accept who we are and know we do the best we can, and always aim for better.

  3. Hi! I’m a Dale Carnegie Training consultant and coach. This is sooo very interesting to me. I am so excited about what you do!

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