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Healing the Corporate World, Interview with Author Maria Gamb

Today I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 7 of the Virtual Blog Tour for Healing the Corporate World by author Maria Gamb.

Written by former Fortune 500 executive, Maria Gamb, who spent more than 20 years trailblazing businesses valued at upwards of $100 million, Healing the Corporate World is a cutting-edge book examining the deep, and usually unspoken, ailment of the modern corporate world, offering solutions for healing at a personal, financial and even spiritual level. By showing the reader “the four cycles of transformational leadership”, Maria provides business leaders, from solo entrepreneurs to corporate senior executives, practical answers on how to transform their organizations from the inside out, and become “Change Agents”, consciously creating their own reality.

Yesterday, Maria visited Geoff Laughton at For today’s stop on the tour, I decided to ask Maria some questions about the importance of values in our lives.

* * * * *

Caron: What is the difference between being a go-giver rather than a go-getter?
Most people spend their lives trying to be a go-getter. That is to race, hurry and achieve at all costs. In essence the concept of a go-getter is someone who competes and that mindset is actually one of lack. In business, that means that an individual will do whatever they need to do to beat out another person for whatever they want to achieve.

A go-giver is someone who realizes that there is more than enough to go around: more than enough opportunities, resources and levels of status. This may sound like an airy concept but here’s the catalyst in this type of thinking; they know that while they may have the same goals as another person that there could potentially be an even better situation that suits them. So there’s no need to obsess and operate from a point of lack. With this mindset, a person can and will give to others around them. It could be a simple helping hand or a resource, contact or connection another needs for their advancement. A go-giver knows that there is more than enough to go around so sharing and helping others isn’t an issue. This is an essential part an individual’s currency in the world that builds trust and influence.

Caron: Why do values need to be more than words?
Maria: Often times people will say they value one thing or another but do not back their words up with actions. This usually occurs because there is a conflict in their subconscious between the thing they say they value and what they really truly desire deep down. It’s important for individuals to create a benchmark that says what the value is, as a noun, plus how they will demonstrate, which is the value as a verb, this in the way they work and engage with others. This may sound simple but it requires a lot of self-honesty. As Socrates said “Know thyself”. You’ve got to really know yourself and the depths of what you believe to take action on the value you claim.

Caron: Tell me about “Values” as the important ingredient in “value offered”.
Maria: In business it’s all about relationships. Those are relationships with your vendors, your staff, potential clients and customers. The real currency in business today is your relationship with others. That is to say how you treat them, operate and engage others. This is a basic “like, know, trust” situation. When you operate with a value statement: “We promise to operate with integrity and respect by treating all our vendors, staff and clients with the utmost respect, care and compliance to industry standards” for example then you are taking action on a very real value by setting a benchmark. You are more likely to get referrals, to be sought after for new jobs or opportunities. When you use your “values” as a currency first, the “value added” of whatever you offer follows. It’s as important to bring something value into the world through your work as it is to do it by operating at a higher standard in your relationships with others. This creates influence, affluence and success!

I also want to point out that today, after the massive blows to the economy and job front this currency of making a value-stand for yourself and others is critical. People are looking for those who they can trust. Honoring words and commitments is powerful. It is a return to something core that we lost in business along the way.

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Maria Gamb and that you’ll check out her new book Healing the Corporate World, which is coming to Amazon on Tuesday October 12, 2010.

You can receive a complete library of beautiful personal development gifts when you buy the book on the day of its launch, including one from me.

In addition, Maria is hosting an exciting FREE 4-day telesummit entitled “Transforming Business from the Inside Out” on October 4th – 7th with a distinguished panel of 9 of today’s most innovative authors and speakers on becoming the ‘Change Agent’ in your business, in your life and in the world!

If you’d like to attend, all you have to do is request a “launch reminder” about the book, and you’ll receive all the information to attend. If you cannot make the live event, you can download the audio at your convenience.

To find out how to buy Maria’s BOOK and receive these gifts,
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AND you can read all about the TELESUMMIT and the guests at

Be sure to follow Maria tomorrow when the next stop on his Virtual Blog Tour is Suzie Cheel’s blog at

As usual, please do feel free to share your comments and thoughts below. I love reading your feedback.



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