Posted by: coachingparents | September 24, 2010

FAST TRACK TRAINING, OCT 7-10, 2010 – Final Call for Enrollment

If your looking for an ideal job that makes positive use of your interpersonal skills, allows you the freedom to work from home , and let’s you receive payment for your effort and focus, then take on the role of a lifetime.

Consider the Academy for Coaching Parents’s fast track training steps to a new career. Take on the role of helping parents and children find connection and develop working solutions to the daily meltdowns, tantrums, sleep issues, behavioral contracts, communication patterns, and study habits. But don’t stop there. An ACPI Certified Parenting Coach has the privilege of empowering new skills and helping families commit to and develop their own solutions.

Tuition is reasonable! Payment plans are available. The experience is priceless.

“This class was fun and informative. The Heartwise coaching model was powerful. The business model and marketing information is the foundation and glue that makes this work for me. I am so excited!” – Barbara Borchardt, TX

“ACPI has offered me the opportunity to come into full bloom in an area I am passionate about – parenting!” Janine Affedlt, AZ

This ACPI weekend, Take On The Role of a Lifetime, with its presenters, savvy participants and the coaching and marketing topics were all phenomenal.” Debbie Beasley, NJ

“This program is fabulous. Caron not only knows the information, but also truly lives it. Minette is dynamic and an excellent example of what marketing is supposed to be.”  Betsy Sullivan, MN

“The best part of the weekend was the acceptance of every individual for who they are and for their growth into their parent coaching role. We were all shown and reshown our unique selves.” Jennie Tehomilic, NJ

I love the whole child, whole parent approach taught by ACPI. The Role of a Lifetime Training weekend gave me a chance to connect with wonderful women with similar passions. Nancy Ryan, IL


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