Posted by: coachingparents | August 30, 2010

Nannies Across America!! Teleseminar Training – September 18th and 19th

Nannies Across America!!
September 18th and 19th, 2010

Join hundreds of other nannies in cities all across the country for a day of learning and fun! Local events are being held in 18 cities. Don’t worry though, you can still be a part of the action and never even leave your home- you have a great opportunity to participate by joining us for a teleseminar!

The Academy for Coaching Parents is excited to a be a part of this national event. We will be offering 2 sessions for $25!! (A huge bargain!!)
These sessions will be held on September 18th by two of our fabulous instructors.

September 18th: 11:oo AM ET Teleseminar One

Title- Positive Discipline – how to effectively deal with tantrums and intense emotions, how to teach children respect, how to meet children’s needs, how to decode behavior and use positive discipline.

Instructor:  Danielle Koprowski, Educator for Attachment Parenting International, ACPI Certified Coach for Parents, Free To Be Parenting, (630) 847-0814.

Sept. 19th: 9:30 PM ET – Teleseminar Two – Using Key Parent Coaching Tools to Increase Effectiveness on the Job

Frustrated that you have your charge potty trained on Friday, only to come back on Monday to have to start the process again? Successfully work with your employer to take away the binky, only to run into your employer at the mall, your charge sucking away? Feeling like you and your employer just can’t get or stay on the same page?

If so, this one-hour presentation with time for case study discussion and Q & A.

Instructor: ACPI Trainer Michelle LaRowe,

To register please contact Dr.Caron Goode – 817-847-8758 or

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