Posted by: coachingparents | August 5, 2010

ACPI Needs Beta-Testers for New Online Parent Coaching Global School

Reduced Tuition to Beta-Testers for Providing Evaluations

The Academy for Coaching Parents is going global with an online school, combining high tech and high touch, and we are seeking Beta-Testers to take the online program at a substantial reduction in tuition to provide feedback to the Academy on the delivery of materials and content in this new format.

This is a one-time personal invitation from Founder, Dr. Goode,  because this is a wonderful opportunity to enter a profession that the New York Times called  “the newest self-help approach for over stretched parents.”

This offer is for those who are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of children and parents, would like to establish a profitable home-based business as a parenting coach, or who’d like to expand their private practice to include a thriving parenting or family coaching practice.

  • ACPI is seeking 10 people to apply to ACPI and participate in the BETA-TEST Group to take the Academy’s coursework through the online school, and provide feedback on course content, delivery, and application of concepts.
  • Upon successful completion of 5 core courses and 1 specialty niche course, ACPI will provide course certification as a professional Certified Professional Parenting Coach.
  • In this one-time offer, ACPI is lowering tuition by $1000 (from $4295 to $3295.00) for completion of five core courses and one niche as a Beta Tester. The tuition fees do not cover books and materials although some of these will be free due to inclusion in the Beta-test program. Payment plans are available.
  • The Beta Testers will enroll in August, have time to order and read relevant course materials and start the ACPI program in September, 2010. The idea is to complete one module or more per week or at a self-determined pace with Dr. Goode, who serves both as instructor and coach to the Beta Testers. Completion of the course might take 4 months or 6 months and determined by the student schedule.

If you have an interest in this program, please email Dr. Goode (email: caron30 @ to receive the information-application pdf file.)


  1. Hello Dr. Goode,
    I am wondering if there are remaining spots for your Beta Testers program. I am currently researching programs to become a Certified Parent Coach. I am hoping to begin my studies this fall. Could you please reply with more information?
    Thank you for your time,
    Melinda Oake

  2. I am interested in the beta group.
    I live in St. Catharines, Ontario.
    Is there any chance I can start in September, 2010?

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