Posted by: coachingparents | July 5, 2010

ACPI Trainer helps parent coaches move struggling single parents from frustration to success

(PRLEAP.COM) Fort Worth, Texas – Single parenting is a difficult job, but with a new Trainer, Ilene Dillon, MSW, at the Academy for Coaching Parents International]Academy for Coaching Parents International (ACPI), professional parenting coaches will be armed with expert information that helps single parents and their children succeed.

Ilene Dillon, M.S.W. has taken on the role of trainer for the specialty niche, Coaching Single Parents, at ACPI, providing new perspectives to the academy’s offerings. The course, Coaching Single Parents, will be a series of 5 two-hour teleconferences offered on Monday evenings, beginning July 5th. 2010. Dillon will offer a new way to define the “job” of parenting, along with an approach based on Principles that ease the usual frustrations of Single Parenting.

Ilene Dillon is known as The Emotional Pro. Author of 19 books, workbooks and CD sets, including a teacher’s manual on emotional literacy, Ilene holds two California professional psychotherapy licenses, with over 40 years of service. Ilene has been featured in publications such as The San Francisco Chronicle, Care Notes,, Personal Excellence and Woman’s Day, and has been a worldwide practicing coach for the past eight years. ACPI’s new course, Coaching Single Parents, will focus on topics specifically related to the difficulties inherent in raising successful children as a single parent.

“For many parents, a parenting coach is a relief. She can guide your parenting skills and help you understand why your children are doing what they’re doing,” says Caron Goode, Ed.D., founder of the Academy for Coaching Parents. This is especially true for single parents, who must struggle with not only their own role in a child’s life, but the role of the missing parent as well.

The Academy for Coaching Parents International (ACPI) is dedicating to training professional Parenting Coaches with a compassionate, collaborative approach after which graduates can help parents identify priorities and make good choices based on what is optimal for parents and their children. Parent coaches take on the role of a lifetime by helping parents and who can act as a qualified mentor, coach, teacher or listener.

Most people aren’t fulfilled until they are helping others, then they shine. For those interested in the exciting opportunities available in parent coaching, ACPI is a nationally recognized academy for educating and training professional first-class coaches and fervent mentors for parents and families.


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