Posted by: coachingparents | June 5, 2010

ACPI Founder launches new book for fearful kids

The Academy for Coaching Parents is pleased to be the 12th stop on the Blog Tour for Dr. Goode’s new book, Kids Who See Ghosts, help to guide them through their fears. If you are following the blog tour and missed yesterday’s stop, renowned author, Hillary Raimo, spoke about helping children work with their dream journal at blog stop 10,

In the 1980’s the first research on discovering children’s temperaments started at Harvard University. Children born with shy temperaments and followed into childhood had to learn to not shy away from new people and situations in their environment. Rather children learned new skills of how to feel safe with adults nearby, how to initiate action in a new environment rather than be frightened or overwhelmed by it. These are the kinds of skills that children who are frightened by ghosts or spirits have to learn also.Why? In Dr. Goode’s practice with pediatric clients, this type of event, a child seeing a ghost, scared parents also. These situations seemed difficult for parents to handle in relation to escalating fears of their child.

Moms and dads ask themselves, “Does my child possess unique gifts, or is my kid possessed? Will this be a one-time, ‘weird’ event, or is my child destined to be haunted for life? Does my child need psychological help or some kind of meds? Should I believe what my child reports even if I don’t believe in ghosts?”

When kids report ghost sightings, parent’s reactions may range from feeling paralyzed with fear to being curious and supportive. If their children are scared by encounters with the spirit world, parents naturally fret about how to best help their kids through this fear. And this can be a challenge because in some cases fear can be so intense that it causes the child – and sometimes the parent, too – to become physically sick from it. If, on the other hand, children feel open and comfortably connected to the world of ghosts, parents may feel less worried – or even more alarmed. Either way, parents are sure to be perplexed about how to proceed.

That’s why there’s a need for Caron B. Goode’s Kids Who See Ghosts: How to Guide Them Through Fear (Weiser Books, June 2010). In a volume that is enlightening about the frightening, Goode empowers parents to use exceptional thinking to break through fear. She urges them to be avid listeners and to start the right kind of conversations early. And she provides questionnaires, practical exercises, and child-friendly activities to help parents gently guide children along a journey to emotional empowerment.

To continue the blog tour, please visit the fantastic author, Yvonne Perry, at While you visit, read about Yvonne’s phenonemal children’s book called The Sid Series.

Please sign up NOW for the book launch reminder so you can buy Kids Who See Ghosts and receive F*REE  thousands of dollars of personal development gifts on June 8, 2010.

To register, go to:

(if you are reading this article after that date, you may buy the book directly from that page).


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