Posted by: coachingparents | April 25, 2010

Why People Are Signing Up For Parent Coaching

I read a recent news article that in time of economic downturn, resourceful people flourish because of their instinct for entrepreneurism. The article made the point that the time and energy spent looking for another job can be exhausting, and not finding one can cause a sense of hopelessness. However, if one focused that same time and energy on developing a new service or filling a need in their community, that one could have a successful entrepreneurial business that is earning money.

That made sense to me. I understood hopelessness. Major surgery in 2000 left me feeling like attempting anything more than getting well was overwhelming. Yet, as the body healed, I had more hope and cultivated optimism. Then, after the events of 9/11, our seminar business grinded to a halt quickly.  If people could not come to us, we would go to the people, and the Academy for Coaching Parents International forged ahead to offer other entrepreneurs like moms and dads the chance to work at home and be available to their children. Many have become successful entrepreneurs.

One of my mentors for the Academy whose book I was helping with was a self-made multimillionaire. When I asked how he went from being a Phys. Ed. teacher to a millionaire, he encouraged me to focus one hour a day on the marketing of the Academy for Coaching Parents. He explained that focused attention on an object has an exponential affect – in short, what you focus on manifests. That was his secret and soon became mine also. Focusing on the act of creating something new provides a different perspective from those around you.

Focus on the formation of a business like the Academy brought out strengths that were waiting to be used again. Resilience surfaced and opened the door to passion. which fueled more focus. That kind of focus moves helplessness out of the way, making room for hope, creativity, and of course, more focus, and eventually success!


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