Posted by: coachingparents | April 16, 2010

The Adopt-A-Block Program for Safe Neighborhoods



Adopt-A-Block is an easy 10-step program designed to be a simple project that several neighbors, a civic group, merchants’ or religious groups can implement. The goal of the program is to strengthen families by encouraging groups, who already know and trust each other, to adopt one-block and make it crime-free and safe.  Benefits of a group helping neighbors connect:

-Low cost with big results

-Together neighbors can solve minor problems (barking dogs, loud music, young bullies, improve lighting & security) without having to involve the police

-Neighbors working with police can help solve major problems (gangs, drug dealing, prostitution, burglaries, thefts, vandalism)

-Home and business property values increase

-Neighborhoods become safer and less stressful

– Neighbors set a positive example and add social controls for children

-Families can find mentors and role models for youth

-Connected neighbors strengthen and protect families

-New leadership emerges for the grassroots

Connected neighbors help stop fear and social isolation that fuels crime, drugs and violence. The majority of people living in neighborhoods are productive citizens.  Neighbors learn they don’t have to tolerate destructive behavior if they have support and take steps to create change.

Cities can expand “Neighborhood Watch” to churches and civic groups who can develop new community leaders by adopting one block.  Competition and recognition can inspire other groups to become involved.

Adopt-A Block can strengthen families and youth. Citizen involvement has proven, when neighbors work together they can turn crime-ridden neighborhoods into peaceful communities for everyone.

Stephanie L. Mann, Crime & Violence Prevention Consultant, AUTHOR: 4 national crime prevention books

For more information, go to: or email:

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