Posted by: coachingparents | November 16, 2009

Are Filling Your Cup?

By Danielle Koprowski

No one can parent well with an empty cup. In order for us to us to meet our kids needs we need for fill our cup first. (Just like an oxygen mask on an airplane.)

What are the things that really fill you up or refresh you? It could be dancing, singing, reading, taking a bath. What ever really works for you.

Most of us need help in order to get our needs met so we can fill our cup. Think about what resources you have, family, friends, Mother’s helpers, baby sitters. Are you using the resources you have available? Do you need more resources? How are you able to develop more resources?

What can you do today to meet your needs or to refresh you?

When would now be the time to fill your cup?

Danielle Koprowski
Free To Be Parenting Support
ACPI Certified Coach for Parents


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