Posted by: coachingparents | November 9, 2009

You’re Not the Boss of Me

I took my son and his cousin to the arboretum last week and as we were making the half mile trek to one of the exhibits, there was much discussion among the children about who was going to lead the way. There was some disagreement and one of the kids said to the other, “You’re not the boss of me.”

At that point I was requested to respond and I confirmed to them that neither was the boss of the other and that I knew they could find a way to work it out, which they did.

Later that evening, my son was sitting on my lap cuddling and he said, “You’re not the leader of me.” I said, “Well actually, I am the leader of you. I am not the boss of you, but I am the leader of you.” He thought for a moment and he said, “Ohhhh.” It seemed like he really got it. It also clicked for me as well.

Our charge is not to be the boss of our children, but to be the leader. We provide our leadership almost completely by our example, that is our modeling. It is also our job as leaders to govern our child’s environment. (ie- keeping only healthy food in the house)

What can we do today to be the leader we want our kids to follow?

Danielle Koprowski
Free To Be Parenting Support
ACPI Certified Coach for Parents


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