Posted by: coachingparents | October 30, 2009

From Annoyed to Grateful in Under 3 Seconds

by Danielle Koprowski

Ever find yourself annoyed with your child(ren)? I know I have. This is a common experience even among the most loving parents. From time to time, most of us find ourselves irritated or our buttons being pushed by our beloved children’s behavior.

There is a very simple thought process we can go through to help shift our perception in these moments.

When you find yourself irritated or annoyed, ask yourself this, “What if my child had gone missing?”

How thankful would you be to hear that ear-piercing squeal?

How happy would you be to see the floor littered with toys?

How gracefully would you fill that request for one more drink before bed?

All it takes is a shift in perception to have a shift in our experience. Really a shift in perception creates a whole new world.

Danielle Koprowski
Free To Be Parenting Support
ACPI Certified Coach for Parents


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