Posted by: coachingparents | August 20, 2009

Fast Track Parent Coaching Program

If all the world’s a stage, which character are you? The mentor? The motivator? The educator extraordinaire? Best bet says you’re all three, which means we’ve got the perfect opportunity for you to build upon your impressive skills: The ACPI Fast-Track program.

Held October 9-11, 2009 in Irving, Texas, this unique program is tailor-made for:
Entrepreneurs ready to embark on a lucrative career as an ACPI-certified parent coach*
Business leaders who want a fast, effective way to enhance their personal effectiveness and communication skills
Professionals looking for innovative marketing strategies to help boost business and increase awareness and revenue
Parents seeking professional expertise in understanding how their children manage stress, people and learning preferences
For work. For family. For both. The ACPI Fast-Track offers everyone the opportunity to prepare for the role of a lifetime, so let the show begin…
Who: Anyone wanting insight and education delivered by leading experts in the industry
What: ACPI Fast Track Program – The Role Of A Lifetime
Where: Holiday Inn Express, Grapevine, TX
When: October 9-11, 2009
Why: One weekend for a lifetime of change
How: Contact Dr. Caron Goode at
*Individuals seeking ACPI certification will gain three months of coursework in three days during the Fast-Track weekend and save $1,000 on course fees.
The Reviews Are In:

“Most parents don’t have access to the information a parent coach can provide. Once they do, their whole mindset, thought process and philosophy changes for the better and to be the one that brought someone to such a great awareness truly is the role of a lifetime.” – Kristy Dixon, ACPI-certified coach for parents, PURE Parenting



  1. As a clinician and ex-parent educator, my hopes are to expand my knowledge on parenting and hopefully pursue a dream of having my own business, with your program’s assistance. I see a great need for parent coaching in my community and it would be wonderful to provide a service to families that would tremedously benefit future generations. Parent coaching is certainly a “gift that keeps on giving”.

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