Posted by: coachingparents | August 13, 2009

Connecting………to Spirit through the mind-body system

By Caron Goode
Feelings carry us beyond the known dimension of space and time into other worldly experiences. We experience spirit in the wholeness of the brain and body. Spirit, brain and body are inseparable.

Twenty men and women from the United States were in ritual ceremony around a campfire in the Nazca Desert of Peru. Their teacher, a shaman, chanted while the rest of us drummed in a rhythmic movement and entered altered states of consciousness. Deeply relaxed and with chills of energy flowing through my body, I stepped into the imaginary circle around the fire and became an eagle that flew overhead.

Anna was attending a religious service in observance of Christmas. She loved the music, and she sang with an open and passionate heart. The music filled her with such deep peace that she closed her eyes and floated in feeling of rapture.

Joe, an alcoholic, has finally had enough. Drunk and dirty, he fell to his knees on a cold sidewalk in the middle of downtown Baltimore. He didn’t feel the cold because he was too numb. Negative voices named guilt and shame hammered in his head, “You are no good. Give it up. You don’t deserve to live. You’re nothing but a drunken sot….”

“All right!” he cried. “Good Lord, take me out or clean me up. I cannot live like this anymore.” Anyone looking at Joe saw a white cone of Light grow around him and engulf his head. He closed his eyes and sobbed deep heavy pangs of grief. The Light stayed with Joe when he fell asleep on the sidewalk. Many would think he had fallen into a drunken stupor that lasted for hours.

When Joe woke up, he had a clear mind and a single purpose. He walked with confidence into a local church and knelt down. With the deepest humility and gratitude for his life that few of us know, he said, “My Lord, you saved me. I will never take another drink as long as I live. Thank you. For the rest of my life, I will help others like me find you. And he did.

Three different people enter altered states of consciousness and experience rapture, have a peak moment. In pain or prayer, we get there, and these experiences are real and we record them as memories in our brain and body.

We know and experience spirituality through our feelings. Neurobiologists conducted recent experiments using brain imaging technology to record the biochemistry of transcendent experiences. These types of experiences register highest in the limbic system. This part of the brain is associated with emotions, feelings, and motivation.

To recall our experience of spirit, we only need recall these feelings. There is every reason to believe that, to some degree, spirituality is hard-wired into the human nervous system. We are part of something much greater than ourselves, something awe inspiring and humbling; we need spirituality for our spiritual selves much as we need oxygen for our biological selves … to live!


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