Posted by: coachingparents | April 21, 2009

A New Guide to the Needs and Special Gifts of Intuitive Children

bookcoverRaising Intuitive Children is a parent’s guide to understanding the special gifts of these uniquely gifted children. The authors’ use of real stories from their own lives lend heart and compassion to our evolving need as a society to connect with our children in a new, more loving way… I would recommend this book to anyone!” —Josie Bissett, Actress and Author of Tickle Monster

San Francisco, CA (April 21, 2009) –– In their ground-breaking new book, Raising Intuitive Children: Guide Your Children to Know and Trust Their Gifts, psychotherapist Caron B. Goode and parenting expert Tara Paterson help parents understand an intuitive child´s world, while teaching parents how to validate these intuitive abilities, and how to:

  • Know if a child is intuitively gifted
  • Shift parenting styles to meet a particular child´s style and strengths
  • Use breathing techniques to stay centered, calm, and optimistic
  • Create rituals so intuitive children feel secure and confident
  • Deal with the environmental and nutrition elements that affect intuitives
  • Explore strategies for bonding and communication at each stage of development, from toddler to teen

Raising Intuitive Children deals with a population of children that few parents understand. Intuitives have been called ugly ducklings, the sensitive ones, or the creative dreamers(think of the young boy in the movie Sixth Sense). With real-life stories and examples, the authors demonstrate how intuitive kids engage their world. They debut in the book an educational model to enable parents and teachers to approach the education and parenting of intuitive kids, walking them step-by-step through the model.

Now, parents who believe their child may be intuitive are given the tools to make positive changes, help the children manage their unique energy, and nurture their gift.

Click here to view the authors’ online press kit.
Media Contact: Simon Warwick-Smith
(707) 939-9212


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