Posted by: coachingparents | March 25, 2009

Treat the Whole Child

By Becky Kapsalis

Lately I’ve been having some minor health issues that have me seeing five different specialists.  As I’m going through the different exams, tests, consultations, etc.  I feel my body is being compartmentalized.  Each exam results in a different specialist.  Each specialist has a different diagnosis and each specialist only addresses their specialty – even though they are administering to the same body.  My body is thoroughly confused!  What medicine is my body supposed to respond to and which diagnosis or prescription counteracts and effects the other parts of my body, unwillingly?  This got me to thinking about our children.

Are we compartmentalizing our children’s bodies?  Are we treating each aspect of their being differently?  When parenting them, are we separating their physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional needs?  If so, do we know what effect one compartment has on the other three?  As I see it we don’t have the luxury of compartmentalizing our children.  We are human specialists, treating the whole child – not as a sum of their parts. The one common thread in each of our children, and us too for that matter is an emotional thread.  When we can meet and help our children experience and understand their emotional needs we are treating their whole being.  Pursuing our children’s emotional needs brings awareness to every other facet of their lives-physical, spiritual and intellectual.  Of course we are going to seek medical, spiritual, or educational attention by outside sources when necessary.  But while our children are under our care (which is more than any other ‘specialist’ can claim) we must see them and treat them as whole children if we are to be the most effective parents we can be.  Helping our children with their emotional needs is helping them make decisions that will be in their best interest until it becomes second nature to their ‘whole’ well being.

Bio:  Becky Kapsalis, a mother of 5 and a grandmother of 21, has taken on the role of ACPI Certified Coach for Parents to help families stay connected. She writes for a local Indiana newspaper, is an ACPI blog contributor, certified facilitator for Connection Parenting and Parent Talk programs, lecturer and Parenting by Heart according to Yiayia, Founder. Yiayia is the Greek name for Grandmother.  Her tag line is “Where you are I’ve been…..where I am you’re coming.”

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