Posted by: coachingparents | December 11, 2008

Perpetuating Goodness in Children for Christmas

By Becky Kapsalis

Peace on Earth…. good will towards man. 

These words do not discriminate, are not gender specific, have no class distinction, yet have a profound effect on all of our children.  We know that all life begins with us.  We know, too, that this precious life begins with a responsibility to fulfill that life with all the goodness we have within us.  We are the catalysts for living in peace on this earth and showing good will towards man. We know that children live through us.  We are the backstop, the rebounder, and the brakes for all of our children’s choices.  We refuse to neither make excuses nor point the finger of blame for our children’s indiscretions.  Nor do we take credit for their successes.  We know that we will help our children understand but not allow external validations to negatively influence their choices.  We know that we will make many sacrifices for our children and we will help them through sacrifices of their own.  We know that sacrifices build good character and good character is the backstop for all good things.  We know that we are making sacrifices for our children – not for their indebtedness,   but for their appreciation of good will.  We know how we feel when we voluntarily do a good deed for someone and we want our children to know that volunteer spirit. We’re privileged to live in a peaceful country and we want our children to be hopeful enough to carry on the privilege.  We know that our generous heart is not measured by what we own but who we give it to. We want our children to know that generosity within their own heart.   We are the adults our children look to for peace and good will. We are our children’s shapers.  We are the cornerstone for shaping the life of a human being; how we shape our children is how we shape the world.

During this spiritual season it is incumbent on all of us to reflect on who we are, how we want our children to know us, what we value, who and what we trust, what shape our children are in and how we can perpetuate Peace on Earth…..Good Will Towards All….. for all seasons.


Bio:  Becky Kapsalis, a mother of 5 and a grandmother of 21, has taken on the role of ACPI Certified Coach for Parents to help families stay connected. She writes for a local Indiana newspaper, is an ACPI blog contributor,  certified facilitator for Connection Parenting and Parent Talk programs, lecturer and Parenting by Heart according to Yiayia, Founder. Yiayia is the Greek name for Grandmother.  Her tag line is “Where you are I’ve been…..where I am you’re coming.”( )   Email:


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