Posted by: coachingparents | September 30, 2008

New Parent Coach Training for Nannies

Academy for Coaching Parents International Offers New Nanny Training

The Academy for Coaching Parents International (ACPI) announces a specialized training program for nannies.

“With the growing popularity of personal coaching, the demand for parent coaches is at an all time high” said Dr. Caron B. Goode, founder of the Academy for Coaching Parents International. “And since nannies play in active role in the lives of busy families, becoming a Certified Coach for Parents can give them the skills that they need to meet the needs of the families that they work for” Goode added.

And with Brittany Spears recently being court ordered to work 8 hours per week with a parent coach, parent coaching has received its share of media attention. “Like in the reality series Nanny 911 and Supernanny, parent coaches work with parents to curb behavioral issues and achieve family unity” said Goode. “Our parent coaches form relationships with their clients and empower, encourage and support them on their parenting journey.”

And nannies agree that learning the basics of parent coaching can be beneficial. Michelle LaRowe, the 2004 International Nanny Association Nanny of the Year and author of the Nanny to the Rescue! parenting series believes that offering training for nannies to become a Certified Coach for Parents is a wonderful idea. “Many nannies are looking for ways to improve their skill set, enhance their resumes and expand their career options” said LaRowe. “Becoming a Certified Coach for Parents allows nannies to do just that.”

Unlike traditional family counseling, the HeartWise parent coaching model, which the Academy developed, believes that parents are the true experts of their lives and are whole, healthy, resourceful and competent to solve problems. The role of the parent coach is to help parents articulate issues, set goals and achieve their parenting agendas through support, encouragement and guidance.

Nannies that complete the ACPI Certified Coach for Parents program can use their skills in their current line of work or open their own coaching business. The ACPI Parent Coach Certification Training Program consists of 5 primary modules of coursework completed over a 9 to 12 month timeframe, with students devoting 3 to 6 hours per week. ACPI Courses are offered through teleconferences, live training and independent study. The Academy plans on offering intensive weekend training programs across the United States starting in 2009.



  1. All I can say is, that I am on the phone with
    my girlfriend and we were exploring parent
    coaching and we came across this!!! WE are
    blown away and thrilled at the same time, to
    see this conversation AND would you believe
    we are in San Diego. Cant wait to meet!
    Margo and Gloria

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