Posted by: coachingparents | May 21, 2008


Glancing at your day planner, you realize that this is going to be one busy day-again. As a working mom, you have adjusted your schedule many times to squeeze in your ten-year-olds’ dental appointment or your eight-year-olds’ soccer practice. You can remember a few times when you had to leave a meeting early to answer an “urgent” call from one of your children. Your “sick” days are used more for your children then for you. Dinner is often a quick stop at your favorite take out.

As a working mother of two children, Brenda Bonin easily relates to the above scenario. She knows first hand what it feels like to juggle the different worlds of today’s working mother. She understands from personal experience the struggles a working mom faces every day. There is the pressure to be competent and efficient on the job as well as at home as a mother and a wife. 

Brenda has lived in the business world all of her adult life. Yet she finds her world as a parent to be the most challenging of the two. This deep understanding and desire to bring balance and happiness to both worlds is what led Brenda to become an ACPI Certified Coach for Parents™ through her training with the Academy for Coaching Parents International. A close friend had told her about ACPI and after reading an article by the founder, Dr. Caron Goode, Brenda decided to take the training.

Immediately upon taking the courses, Brenda knew her training with ACPI was going to improve her parenting skills. She questioned taking her parent coaching skills to a professional level as “being a mother is a very personal part of my life.” Brenda understands the emotional and physical energy required to parent children. This understanding motivated her to move forward and expand her ACPI training to a professional level.

Thus, after completing her course work, Brenda combined her experience in the business world with her ACPI training to help working mothers do exactly what she was doing-bringing balance and value to her many different roles. As a coach for parents, Brenda shows working moms how to put their families first and keep their jobs. She helps parents to define success on their own terms while modeling what she teaches.

Brenda defines herself as a “working mother’s coach”. She addresses issues specific to a working mother such as child care, quality time, holidays, vacations and raising healthy, respectful and loving children. Her working mom niche includes individual coaching sessions, workshops, and programs catered to the working mom such as “the career makeover” and “small changes/big results.” Visit her website at workingmothermatters(dot)com for more details of these unique programs.

According to Brenda, her training with ACPI is the key component that has led her to the success she is experiencing as a certified coach for parents. Here is what Brenda has to say about ACPI:
• The consistent theme of a heartwise approach when working with parents is fantastic. I discovered how to connect with my own heart, make decisions from my heart, and then be in alignment with my intellect and my gut. I learned to translate this new found skill into all areas of my life.
• The staff taught me that as a coach I do not have to have all the answers. I assist other parents in finding the answers by becoming an expert at asking the right questions. I learned how to ask questions that bring positive solutions and support parents in making healthy decisions in their interactions with their children.
• The marketing component of the program showed me how to set up my own business from the perspective of the needs of my clients. I learned how to apply action to my ideas. Healthy problem solving is something I offer to clients and that is what I learned to market.
• The staff showed me how to develop and create my specialty niche, working mothers, in a way that is in alignment with my passion to support other working moms and have a successful home business.

Brenda Bonin has an active practice as an ACPI Certified Coach for Parents. To learn more about her workshops and programs or to make an appointment for an individual session at workingmothermatters(dot)com.


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