Posted by: coachingparents | February 24, 2008


“If you believe it, you can achieve it.” — Anonymous
The above quote is what guided Adina Lederer on her path to becoming an ACPI Certified Coach for Parents™. Being a parent coach has been a life long dream for Adina. Her passion is to help families. To Adina this means bringing a deep sense of self awareness to each family member, especially parents. She believes that self awareness is the key to being better parents and having more fun and love in the family.

Discovering the Academy for Coaching Parents International was a dream come true for Adina. She relates her initial contact with Dr. Caron Goode as the positive influence in her committing to the course work required for becoming a certified coach for parents. Her philosophy that knowing and accepting ourselves, which includes our talents and our shortcomings, brings us the strength to work on ourselves, resonates with the heart-centered approach offered by the Academy. Adina believes that differences are a tool of connection within the family.

Through her coaching work, she helps parents and families appreciate the uniqueness of each child in the family. Adina works with them to change any potentially competitive situation to one of support. This was reinforced through the training provided on Connection Parenting taught by Pam Leo, which gave her additional skills to show how to deal with natural diversity within families

The highlights of her training with the Academy encompass the support she received from the staff to take what she was already doing in her teaching and create a home-based business, the expertise of the staff and the personal growth component. Adina states that she grew personally and professionally from her course work. She values how the classes were arranged to fit into her life as a full time teacher, mother and wife. Adina believes that the Academy offers the best parent coaching program around because the focus is on enhancing both your professional and personal life.

Adina offers the following tips to those who wish to become a certified coach for parents:
• Be determined. Don’t let any excuse sway you from your dreams.
• Be motivated. Use your inner strength and the support of others to stay motivated.
• Put everything you have into it.
• Give yourself the time and space
you need to participate in the classes and to do the homework.
• Learn the marketing skills. Your biggest challenge is the marketing piece.
• Make yourself visible through articles in papers, distributing your business card, and follow up phone calls.

A firm belief in the power of “working on ourselves to achieve what we want in life,” allows Adina to give to people a deeper understanding of ways to be better people and thus better parents. Adina integrates this belief into her parent coaching practice. She is well known for her compassionate heart, an innate ability to understand her clients, and accurate insights into the help that is needed. Adina gives parents specific tools and new understandings of how to make positive changes within the family structure. The uniqueness of each family member is appreciated and brought to light. She knows that families need extra support and she has a loving way of giving families what they need to handle any and all crisis from a caring perspective.

To learn more about Coach Adina’s services or to schedule a free phone consultation, you can contact her at


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