Posted by: coachingparents | February 16, 2008

Supporting Parents with Intuitive Insights

A desire to simultaneously empower parents and children to have loving, respectful and fun relationships with each other is what inspired Sandra Couts MSN, RN to take the parent coaching course offered by ACPI. All children are different. Growing up in the same family does not guarantee that they will have the same values, interests or needs. This can be a frustrating part of any parents’ life. Comparisons between siblings is common place—not always helpful yet not necessarily harmful. A compassionate intuitive parent coach like Sandra, mentors on unique temperaments and effective communication styles.

Sandra defines parent coaching as the ability to work with parents on the issues at hand to problem solve and find solutions. Her toolbox includes the personal style inventory, the values assessment, intuitive insights, and connection parenting techniques.  Sandra learned how to integrate her values of honoring the uniqueness of the parenting role with understanding the importance of treating children with the loving respect they need and deserve.

In her parent coaching experience, Sandra immediately discovered the important role her training at ACPI and her intuitive insights played in helping a parent in distress about her teenager’s behavior.  The mother and the son were at odds with each other around the issues of free time, getting a job, friends and using drugs. These common adolescent issues were creating obstacles in their ability to talk openly with each other.

For more information on Parenting Intuitives, check out the Parenting Intuitives website!

 Using her intuitive abilities, Sandra showed this loving mother another perspective on why her son was making the choices he was making. She assisted the mother in finding solutions to interact with her son in ways that he would open up to her. It worked. The doors of communication opened. They were able to establish some agreements that supported this teenager in stepping into adulthood and allowed the mom to have the respectful and loving connection she wanted.

Tips offered by Sandra to encourage others to take advantage of all that ACPI provides in training include the following:

  • Know that there is a need for qualified parent coaches. The parenting role is vast and can be overwhelming. Parents need help. The training you receive from ACPI more than prepares you as a parent coach.
  • Take advantage of the support provided by the staff at ACPI. The staff is highly skilled in their teaching abilities and gives you the tools to succeed.
  • Explore the different specialty niches. Having options on how you want to use your training and set up your practice is phenomenal.
  • Don’t let the marketing piece scare you. You will get the information you need to move forward.
  • Be committed to learning and show up. How you approach the courses will reflect your ability to handle a home-based business.


Sandra Couts, MSN, RN, Intuitive Counselor, & Certified ACPI Parent Coach provides intuitive parent coaching via phone sessions. She offers a fifteen minute complementary parent coach consulting session. Her other services include intuitive counseling sessions, Full Wave Breathing™ sessions and courses on developing and discovering your intuition. To make an appointment or for more information call contact her at


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