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Putting Spirit back in Parenting

In my book, Nurture Your Child’s Gift, I asked if you were willing to join a parenting revolution by the way that you view and interact with your children. Can you view parenting with mindfulness, as one of the joys that you chose in this life–to provide guardianship and direction to a new soul seeking expression of its dream?

When my daughter was born, I truly felt like a guardian of this precious new life. Yet, as “life happened,” and my self-esteem plummeted through divorce and illness, I lost faith. I let the pain of life overwhelm me. My daughter probably experienced  more pain than a child deserves. It wasn’t until I recovered my own faith and could believe once more in the fire of my spirit that I was able to transfer this to my daughter through our communication and helping her to manage her life transitions. Today, when I see the young woman she has grown into, I realize that she too recovered her spirit because it shines in her eyes and pours through her heart to those in her life.

Connecting with Our Own Spirit
As illustrated in my own life, it can be difficult to be mindful, respect, and guide the inner spirit of our children if we ourselves are not in touch with our own spirit. We can find this connection in many ways – through religion, our connection to nature, episodes of illness or trauma, or in family and community settings. But relying on external factors in our lives for support still doesn’t return that spark of spirit and faith back into our heart. Only we can do that! We have to rely upon ourselves and seek to connect to our inner fire, our own unique spirit, to really guide our children in the same journey.

Return to Spirit Guidebooks
Part of the mission of this web site is to find resources and courses that will inspire you and re-ignite your inner fire. One course, entitled Return to Spirit, was designed and is offered by Barbara Stone, EdD, formerly Professor of Psychology at Drew University, Madison, NJ. She is presently a mentor for The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in the Global Programs: Worldwide Transpersonal Education Division. Barbara also directs House of Spirit Yoga Center in Lee, MA.

Return to Spirit is a series of guidebooks for spiritual development based on Developmental, Educational, Social and Transpersonal Psychologies, Yoga, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and Sufism. Embracing the major philosophies, they include informational readings and experiential exercises to give you direct personal experience of what is being communicated.

The basic thesis of these guidebooks is that starting at the time we are born we began to LOSE awareness of our own consciousness as a result of social conditioning. Hence, as we learn how to cope with the world and develop the skills needed to interact with others, we forget our divine origins and lose awareness of our connection to the universal spirit. In other words, we forget who we are.

The guidebooks provide an organized method to re-examine our social conditioning and to recover aspects of our souls that were lost as we grew up. One of the reasons I believe this course is so valuable is that it offers tools to educate yourself on how to avoid traumatizing your children as you guide them through the process of socialization.

In addition, if you were to work through these guidebooks as part of your personal journey, you could avoid projecting your problems onto your children. More often, as in my personal experience, our insight into how we passed our problems along come long after the damage is done.

Educate yourself now! Your children are worth it, and you gain invaluable knowledge into the process of life itself, not to mention the journey of using conscious parenting to enable your child’s spirit to soar.

Dr. Barbara Stone says, “Projecting our limitations on our children is not necessary and can be avoided if people work on themselves at an earlier stage of life. This is not to say that we should not teach children how to behave in society. That, obviously, is essential. However, I believe it can be done with a lot less trauma to the children. It goes without saying that the educational system is also at fault and needs to be corrected. Education builds and strengthens intellect at the expense of intuition and other right hemispheric functions. It is precisely intellect that creates the filters or screens that separate us from our birthright of conscious awareness.”

“The guidebooks provide an organized method to re-examine our social conditioning and to recover the aspects of our souls that we lost connection with as we grew up.”

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About The Author …
Caron Goode’s (EdD) insights are drawn from her fifteen years in private psychotherapy practice and thirty years of experience in the fields of education, personal empowerment, and health and wellness. She is the author of eight books and the founder of the Academy for Coaching Parents, a training program for parents & professionals who wish to mentor other parents. A mom and step-mom, she and her husband live in Whitney, Texas. Reach her at



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    It does make sense to educate ourselves to make sure our children remain happy all their lives. We must understand what can be a negative factor to our children growth. Really really nice posts!

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