Posted by: coachingparents | November 2, 2007

Nica Guinn, Parent Coach: Success One Year Later

Caring – enthusiastic – warm – intelligent – fun – knowledgeable.

These simple adjectives describe someone you would want around if you were in a crisis or seeking support. They invoke a sense of safety and caring. Not only do these words accurately describe Nica Guinn, an ACPI Certified Coach for Parents™, but they also convey her story of success and self-confidence.

In 2006, Nica received her certificatin as a parent coach from the Academy for Parent Coaching International (ACPI). Now, one year later, she has an active parent coaching practice, living her dream to bring a unique depth and understanding to the art of parenting. Nica’s desire to expand her knowledge about raising children got sparked with the birth of her first child.  The experience of motherhood motivated Nica to take her background as a creative arts psychotherapist to a new level. “I wanted to be the most conscious parent I could possibly be”. This new found desire led her to ACPI and to become a certified parent coach.

The training she received at ACPI supported Nica in developing her skills as a parent and gave her the tools she needed to start her own parent coaching business. Before studying at ACPI , Nica taught Chick Moorman’s Parent Talk System. In her desire to expand her skills and knowledge base, she turned to ACPI for further expertise.

Nica was particularly drawn to the Connection Parenting specialty niche offered as well as to the marketing module.  “The structure provided by Pam Leo, the Connection Parenting instructor, gave me the foundation I needed to grow my business. I started teaching parenting classes based on the principles of Connection Parenting, formed monthly support groups for parents, and established one day workshops. The marketing program led by Tom Adams helped me define my strategies and integrate my approach to make myself visible as a parent coach.”

Other components of the ACPI training program that played a role in Nica’s success include the following:

  1. The thread of knowledge due to having a variety of experienced instructors
  2. Dr. Caron Goode’s expertise and warm support
  3. A broad exposure of ways to work with the many different kinds of families
  4. The support provided by the staff at ACPI, such as the mentoring received from Pam Leo
  5. The heart-centered approach

Nica defines parent coaching as an ability to help families move towards greater understanding and connection. A parent coach assists families in finding balance in their interactions and improving their communication skills by working with the individual needs of family members. Watching families stay with the parent coaching process and work through their skepticism to change and transform is rewarding for Nica. She has observed several families obtain that sense of peace and connection due to their commitment and desire to change as well as her parent coaching support.

Nica offers the following tips for people setting up their parent coaching business:

  • Clarify the type of families you would enjoy parent coaching.
  • Network with others to prevent feeling isolated and to get support.
  • Word of mouth marketing is effective. Set up a class or workshop to make yourself visible. People respond well to the structure of a class.
  • Rent a booth at a baby/children’s fair for repeated exposure as a parent coach.

Nica Guinn lives in Santa Barbara, CA. She provides parent coaching sessions by phone and in person. Call her at 805-570-5194.


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