Posted by: coachingparents | October 14, 2007

Parent Watching: A Call to Parents

First, I should concede that I am not a parent nor have I ever been.  So, the thought that I would make observances about parents or give parenting advice is amazing at best.  But, recently as I cuddled my nephew for the first time (we met in August) as his daddy was in Iraq and his mother on the base in NV, his mother remarked that I was the only one besides her who could hold him without him crying.  I dont presume to know why…but having never wanted children before it did make me smile.
At dinner last night, I noticed a couple with three children sitting behind me.  Both parents seemed to be in pain as the children ran wild through the restaurant screaming and terrorizing everyone in site.  I have Mountain Dew in my shoes from the experience.  But, what I noticed is the parents.  They looked so unhappy.  Their children were not the joy that they had hoped for in their lives.  They looked tired, strained, and sad.  I felt sorry for them.  The father got up and went to another table when it was time to eat.  He would not even stay there.
Maybe it takes an outsider to offer the right help.  Maybe I was in the right place to intervene.  For you see, what was even more apparent to me was that the children were not happy and strong.  They were not showing the tell-tale signs of healthy development or intelligent growth.  I walked over to the woman (who had her head in her hands) and offered her a piece of paper.  On it was written:  Dr. Caron Goode, Academy for Coaching Parents and Inspired Parenting.  Email:
When she looked confused, I said quietly to her, “No one is born knowing how to be a parent and you dont have to struggle through it alone.  She can help you find a great parent coach.”  She smiled and shook her head.  I thought for a minute she was going to hug me.


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