Posted by: coachingparents | October 12, 2007

Could You Be Parenting a Sensitive Child?

If your child has any of these attributes or behavior patterns you may be parenting a spiritually gifted child:

  • Your child tells you he has an invisible friend and has regular interactions with this friend(s).
  • Your child says he can see a deceased loved one; has an uncanny way of expressing the way he interacts with a deceased loved one.
  • Your child says he can see colors either at night before bed, or around other people.
  • Your child prefers to wear the least amount of clothing allowed in a given situation.  Often takes off socks and shoes and prefers to be barefoot.
  • Your child loves to wear cozy PJ’s or likes to be surrounded by lots of blankets and/ or stuffed animals.
  • Your child cannot handle a raised voice or being yelled at, but it is not a form of manipulation toward authority.
  • Your child becomes irritable after being around large groups of people.  Often a sensitive child will act out behaviorally or be extremely emotional (may even seem depressed) after school.
  • Your child loves to be in water and has a fit if you take him out of the bathtub.
  • Your child is relatively harmonious, but if one too many buttons are pushed has a surge of emotion that can be hurtful if used on a sibling or friend.
  • Your child feels the pain of another person or for the death of an animal.  A sensitive child has a tremendous amount of compassion for humanity and the earth.
  • Your child becomes inconsolable if he is mistreated by someone he has great respect for.
  • Your child knows his limits without being coached.  A sensitive child knows what their body needs in regard to food; knows when they’ve had enough sweet stuff; has an uncanny way of conserving energy; will tell you when they’re tired.
  • Your child is more interested in the feelings of children in his classroom than the school work he is supposed to be learning.  Sensitive children often take longer to process rote information, but they have the ability to surpass others when the information clicks.
  • Your child tends to be clumsy and seems to spill or make messes with almost everything.  He will also tell you it’s not a big deal.
  • Your child rearranges things in a specific way.
  • Your child tends to be present during an accident or near fatal situation, but there is usually a positive outcome.
  • You feel a very strong, intuitive pull from your child if he is faced with any sort of danger.
  • Everyone who meets your child tells you he is amazing and one word comes to mind when describing him- love.

© 2007 by Tara Paterson, All Rights Reserved
Certified Parent Coach and Nationally Syndicated Parent Columnist



  1. As a mom, I appreciate your list. As a psychologist, though, I’d worry about some of these things if they were to the extreme. Thanks, though!

  2. very interesting

  3. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. There is an online community at my website with blogs from parents of sensitive kids, sensitive teens, and teachers of sensitive kids.

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