Posted by: coachingparents | October 10, 2007

Lelia Williams, Parent Coach: Success-One Year Later

Lelia Williams is no stranger to the challenges that any parent faces today. As a mother of one child and a foster mom of several children, she has learned to cope with the ups and downs of life in remarkable ways. Her inquisitive nature and desire to be an effective parent led Lelia’s fingers to her keyboard where she began to look on the internet for ways to be a better parent. She wasn’t necessarily looking to be a parent coach, just a wonderful parent. Lelia wanted the children coming into her home to benefit from her parenting. Discovering the Academy for Parent Coaching International changed her mind about parenting and about the possibility of using her skills to coach other parents.

The ACPI website perked Lelia’s curiosity enough to make the initial contact. Several important factors influenced Lelia’s decision to get training with ACPI . The first factor is the heart connection she felt when Dr. Tom Goode answered the phone. “Tom’s response was so warm and inviting.” The fact that Dr. Caron Goode responded immediately to her inquiry inspired Lelia to sign up for the course. 

Lelia immediately took advantage of the specialty niches offered by ACPI , one of the unique components of the course. By the time she completed the course, she chose special needs children and connection parenting as her niches. These niches have provided Lelia with the tools to improve her parenting skills and create positive changes within her own family. Her communication abilities improved in a surprising manner. She started taking the time to stop and really listen to how she was speaking and to hear what her children were really saying. “Children are highly influenced by how we speak to them. It’s crucial to choose our words consciously, paying attention to how we respond to children and how they respond to us”. As her heart opened she began to understand the significant underlying issues going on within her interactions with her children.

Seeing the positive impact that the tools she learned from the connection parenting niche was having on her family, Lelia wanted to share this information within her own community by forming parent education groups. Her biggest challenge was finding a way to explain what it means to be a parent coach. “Parent coaching offers a neutral ear to people who want help with their parenting skills. Guidance is provided in a professional manner that supports an individual or family member to be forthright in how they perceive a certain issue. The parent coach helps people to process their feelings related to the issue with the neutral ear. Together a treatment plan is devised. A commitment to the process from both parties is required for optimum results.”  The ongoing support provided by Dr. Goode at this point allowed Lelia to overcome this obstacle with flying colors. She was able to successfully bring the connection parenting program she learned at ACPI to her community.

She attributes the knowledge base and consistent support of the ACPI trainers as the major factors for her success with the parent coaching program. According to Lelia there are many qualities that can be found within ACPI that make this program stand out from other courses she sought. They include:

  • The focus is family oriented. All members of the family are important and have equal value.
  • Individual support after the course is completed is maintained. The support I felt throughout the course and after the course was superb.
  • Having a special niche according to my own interests made my learning rewarding. The principles and skills I learned from the Connection Parenting niche motivated me to bring this information to others.
  • The flexibility offered by ACPI in making financial arrangements in paying for the course was a huge benefit to me.

What tips does Lelia offer for anyone wanting to take the course and become a certified parent coach with ACPI ? She boldly proclaims “Take it!”  Her greatest success in taking the course can be seen in the parent education groups she developed as a parent coach based on the principles from the Connection Parenting niche.

Lelia Williams resides in Clarke County Virginia with her husband and children. As a certified parent coach she empowers people by strengthening their parenting skills through the knowledge and tools offered in her parenting groups.  She can be reached at 540-955-2786.


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