Posted by: coachingparents | September 3, 2007

Parenting Tips for Connecting with Your Children Spiritually

by Tara Paterson

•View your child as a whole being capable of understanding things you may not yet know.

•Be willing to see your reflection in your child and recognize things your child may be in your life to teach you.

•Follow rather than lead, as you learn to support the energies of your child

•Pay attention to your child’s behavior when they are around certain people.  Children feel the energy of other people and if you ask them what it feels like to be around someone, they may share with you that someone made them feel light or heavy.

•Give yourself time to nurture your own needs.  It is only when you allow yourself time to be in touch with your own spirit that you become aware of what’s going on inside of and around you. Only through time for “you” can you fully live and demonstrate to children the gifts you want them to have.  They must witness you “practicing what you preach.”

•When your child feels anger, identify the emotion and demonstrate for your child how to move through the feeling so there is no unnecessary (negative) energy stored in the body.  It is important for children to learn that anger is a normal feeling, but they need to move through the emotion so it doesn’t show up later in life.  Effective ways of managing the energy is as important as letting it go.

•When your child is upset or feels pain, whether you think he should feel the way he does or not, acknowledge his true feelings and explore the feeling with him.  What your child feels at any moment is very real and by telling a child they shouldn’t feel that way, causes them to go inside and question whether they are allowed to feel what they are experiencing.  What a child feels is their reality and they need to be supported in the moment.  Pushing it down will cause it to resurface later in other situations or interactions with people.

•If you want your child to behave, expect that he will.  Make sure you are not expecting your child to behave to meet someone else’s expectations.  Rely on your intuitive connection with your child to expect the best.

•Consider the qualities you want your child to have later in life and be careful not to push these qualities down in the present.  It can be very challenging to keep in mind at a time of frustration, that later in life we want our kids to be independent, headstrong, and persistent.  We need to nurture these characteristics as our children grow even when they are using them on us!

•Help your child recognize and foster his intuitive and special gifts by teaching awareness now, so he doesn’t need to painfully relearn them later in life. We as adults, spend years attempting to relearn what we knew as children

•Believe what your child tells you when he says he can see colors around people, or describes a scary dream he doesn’t understand.  Listen to your child when he tells you he has invisible friends.  The veil between worlds is thinning and they are quite capable of seeing deceased loved ones or angels.

•Teach your child about the Laws of Attraction in a way that is suitable to his age.  If you begin showing children at an early age how to form positive thoughts which will lead to manifestation of ideas or creations, they will have confidence with the bigger things in their life.

•Teach your child to breathe!!!  Don’t be afraid to teach them to meditate or practice yoga.  They will gain a level of focus and concentration which will serve them well in their life.

© 2007 by Tara Paterson, All Rights Reserved
Certified Parent Coach, Nationally Syndicated Parent Columnist


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