Posted by: coachingparents | August 9, 2007

Children Create the Cycles of Life

“Life is change. Growth is optional.  Choose wisely” –Karen Kaiser Clark

Changes occur in every moment of our lives, in fact as we know it; it is the only thing that remains a constant.  I began noticing significant changes occurring after the birth of our first child 9 ½ years ago.  The reason I refer to being aware of the changes, is because it is a phase most people would expect from the addition of another person into the framework of an existing shell, but often don’t offer much thought to.  I was more conscious of meal planning ; the new patterns I was adapting to (recognizing I did need my sleep and could no longer pull all nighters); the importance of developing relationships with people who were in the same periods of their lives; things most people experience upon bringing a child into the world, but it wasn’t until our second child was brought into our lives that I began to notice a much larger shift taking place that would not fully reveal itself for another 8 years with the birth of our third child.

My second pregnancy brought about monumental changes not only to my personal life, but our life as a whole.  We uprooted our blossoming family from the place of our upbringing and set our roots down 4 states away.  Two small children; isolated from family and friends; and pretty much penniless, we began a new phase of our lives that would begin to show growth potential I had only had thoughts about (little did I know the seeds a thought can plant truly do begin to grow when nurtured with the proper surroundings).  I ventured out into the world of possibility with an idea and the help of a technically savvy young girl who had the ability to transform my thoughts into visual form.  My business began to take shape and my world started to bring about changes I never knew existed.  In addition, my personal life was shifting once again.  I became much more conscious about my health and changes to our diet were reflected in organic and all natural choices.  I became interested in yoga and spent quiet time everyday meditating.  My choices for reading became spiritually based, reading everything from books about Buddhism to Native American Shamanism.  I couldn’t get enough new information which would bring me to a place of deeper understanding about each individual’s spiritual purpose on this earth. 

As I mentioned, I would not fully realize the extent of the shifts in consciousness I had been undergoing for the past 8+ years until the birth of our third child, a little over a year ago.  I am in yet another phase, but this one is by far the most monumental of all, and the reason for the title Cycles of Life.  I have literally come to realize each of my children has transformed a cycle of my life.  With my oldest I began to notice my thoughts were transforming.  I became aware of ideas and possibilities I never knew existed and they were beginning to take place in the form of a blossoming business concept.  With my second child, I began to notice a larger shift in the way I was taking care of my body.  I started eating better foods and practicing Eastern techniques of yoga and meditation.  I also noted early on that often when I was nearing the end of a mediation I would hear my youngest son waking from his nap and would envelope him in a calm, clear, grounded energy I would later come to know as one of his many gifts to me.  What I didn’t realize at the time was that he was training me to bring him the kind of energy he needed to help his sensitive body grow.  We knew early on Caden was a very special little boy and as I look back, I now see how important it was for me to surround him with a grounded, loving energy which would ultimately fuel his spiritual growth.  He taught me to find the core within which continues to undergo maintenance and tuning.  My daughter has brought about a shift in consciousness that anchors all of these cycles together, but her greatest gift to me has been the gift of acceptance. 

Since her birth, I have experienced a roller coaster of events and emotions.  I lost my father; connected with my angels; learned I have developed an allergy to wheat (talk about a shift in lifestyle brought about by yet another cycle induced by my child….); found peace within; and discovered my gift to the world.  As a parent to three highly sensitive children, I have been given the gift of awareness around what each child has come here to teach me.  When I learned I had an allergy to wheat, I truly felt defeated.  I had to allow myself some time to mourn the loss of yet another lifestyle I was accustomed to.  Change rearing its ugly head yet again.  However, in my daughter’s short little life, she has had a difficult time tolerating much of what we have given her.  She has had allergies to milk, soy, oats, yogurt and other rich foods which have caused her some discomfort and it occurred to me the reason I am undergoing this new shift in diet is so I will better know how to care for her sensitive little body.  She has reflected back to me a way of life that will benefit not only my physical well being, but our whole family’s way of life as we undergo the changes occurring in the world.

I have come to accept the changes I have made and truly feel heart felt gratitude toward each of my children for showing me a better way to live my life.  I credit them each for bringing about a new phase or cycle in my life, and patiently anticipate each new awakening.    

© 2006- 2007 Tara Paterson, All Rights Reserved


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